Ladies Liberty Convention

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Bring the Convention to YOU!

Women across the nation are deeply concerned with the direction our nation is heading.  We are hungering for truth and desperately seeking answers on what we can do to turn the tide and protect our children from the negative influences swarming around us.  The Ladies Liberty Convention is an opportunity for women to gather together and learn how we can not only preserve, but secure, the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our children for generations to come.  Through our regional conferences, seminars, speakers bureau, and live stream events, we do our best to bring the convention to you!

Whether live, or live streamed, the Ladies Liberty Convention is an exciting, liberty-packed event you won't want to miss.  Celebrating the powerful influence women have in our homes, communities and nation.  We guarantee you will leave enlightened, inspired, and infused with hope! To find out how you can bring the convention to you click here.