Ladies Liberty Convention

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What is the Ladies Liberty Convention?

The Ladies Liberty Convention is a conference series presented by HomeMakers for America.  Created by women and designed for women, the  convention hosts one-day conferences held in various cities and states throughout the nation.  Each conference includes keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and musical presentations celebrating our legacy of liberty and paying tribute to the powerful  influence of women in our homes, community and the nation.  In additiona to these one-day conferences, the Convention hosts seminars, a speakers bureau, and a variety of conference options that allow us to bring the Convention right to you!


The Ladies Liberty Convention is an infusion of hope and enlightenment just at a time when we need it most.


We need a mighty change of heart in America and there is no better or more influential place to start than with the heart of America—the women, the mothers, the home makers.  There is no better place to teach liberty, integrity, patriotism and virtue than at a mother's knee. What happens in society all begins with mothers!


Liberty begins at home.  If we don’t start there, nothing else we do will matter.  No election, court, or law will save us.  The Ladies Liberty Convention brings together the heart of the home—the mothers—to focus on the heart of the nation—the families—and to present the principles, values, and historically proven formula that will generate a mighty change of heart and lead to the healing of America!


Visit our Upcoming Events page to see if there is a event in your area, and check out our Events page to see how you can bring the Convention to you!