Ladies Liberty Convention

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The following audios are from presentations given at our conferences and events in 2015. 
Thank you for taking the time to join the convention! 
A Knock at the Door"
Dr.Janice Crouse
"Women, the Heart of the Home"

Tammy Hulse

"Divine Right of Women"


Margaret Dayton,

Utah State Senator

"The Power of Moms"

Mary Alice Jackson (16)

"Our Family Devotional"

Frank Jackson (15)

"My Mother's Influence"

Kimberly Fletcher
America's Last Best Hope"
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Al & Juleen Jackson

"United We Stand"

Kimberly Fletcher

"The Future of America is in Our Hands"

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Old Glory Will Still Wave

Following 9-11, our president & founder, Kimberly Fletcher, co-wrote "Old Glory Will Still Wave" with Tim Johnson.  With the dismantling of all we hold dear, the message of the song is even more fitting today. 
Old Glory
(Old Glory Will Still Wave)
We hope you enjoy this original soundtrack produced by Tom Dossett (USAF ret) with guest artist Mark Luna and background vocals by Juanita Williams former singer with the USAF Band.  America is not just a country, it is an ideal.  Our flag "Old Glory" is the symbol of that ideal and no matter how bad things get, there will always be individuals and families holding up that symbol of freedom to the world and Old Glory Will Still Wave!