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Juleen Jackson

Juleen Jackson

Vice President, HomeMakers for America


Juleen Jackson is the Vice President of HomeMakers for America and the mother of seven children, two of whom were lost in infancy.  Juleen and her husband Al have been married for 20 years and have lived in Washington DC, Oregon, and Utah.


Juleen has served her community as the PTA Vice President for her children’s school, the Vice President for the DC Chapter of American Mothers, the President of the United Women’s Forum and as a Certified Instructor for the Thomas Jefferson Center.  In her work for the Thomas Jefferson Center she has conducted seminars and served as a public speaker.  In her work for the United Women’s Forum she has organized events where community leaders speak to their constituents on issues that strengthen family and inspire political action. She currently teaches a weekly constitution class in her home, with friends and neighbors, called the Sisters of Liberty. 


Juleen likes to keep things close to home and is determined to focus her greatest efforts toward her family.  She is devoted not just to her children but to their freedom and future as well.  In an effort to fan the flames of freedom for her children, Juleen has made it a habit to have a 45 minute family devotional each morning which includes prayer, reading scriptures, studying the principles of freedom and correct governance, singing songs and keeping up on current events.  These devotionals garnered national attention in 2012 when NBC highlighted her family devotionals for the NBC special “Rock Center” with Brian Williams.  Her family has also been interviewed by NBC Nightly News, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) and KSL TV in Utah. While Juleen’s accomplishments are many she recognizes that it is “the work I do within the four walls of my home that has the power to change the world — to perpetuate and improve on what the Lord and the Founders of this great nation gave us.”