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Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf

President & CEO, The Voices Of America, LLC


After retiring from the corporate world in 2009, Peter was motivated to become active in the political process.  He had a deep desire to show appreciation for the opportunities the United States had given him, his parents and his brothers since immigrating to America in 1961. In an effort to show his gratitude, Peter co-founded The Voices Of America, LLC, a non-profit organization, to benchmark the most effective methods to impact politics and policy and to make these methods available nationally as a service to leaders and individuals new to the political process. Peter has traveled extensively throughout the United States and has given presentations to thousands of regional and state leaders. He was a keynote speaker at the first National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN where his speech was streamed live on C-SPAN and PJTV.  


The Voices of America website experiences tens of thousands of page views per month and has become the highest Google search result for relevant keyword searches. Pete’s newsletter is subscribed to by thousands of leaders in forty-eight states, interested in preserving American Exceptionalism. Peter’s presentations are powerfully motivating, enlightening and empowering—giving vision to the ideas, ideals, and objectives to positively impact elections and promote the principles of liberty.