Ladies Liberty Convention

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Tammy Hulse

Tammy Hulse is the Vice President of HomeMakers for America.  She and her husband, Dale, have raised three sons and four daughters.  Tammy is the second of 13 children and believes firmly in creating strong families.  She earned a B.S. in Medical Dietetics from Utah State University.  Tammy has furthered her education with classes in Herbal Nutrition and Natural Health.  Eager to share valuable information with other Homemakers, she created a Community Service Website to provide information about Food Storage, Self- Reliance and Home Health Care.   She got involved with the patriot movement in 2009.  She loves America, freedom, and our great heritage.

Tammy chose to be a stay at home mom, believing that her role as a Homemaker is the most important work she will ever do.  Tammy’s passion is empowering people with the truth.  She is dedicated to teaching the truth about our country’s history and Constitution, truth in regards to health care, truth as it applies to emotional health, and truth about families and the significant role of the homemaker and mother.  Tammy is the lead developer of the HomeMakers for America "Hearthstone Education Plan"--a liberty based K-12 Educational resource for families that focuses on the heart of education.