Ladies Liberty Convention

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ur Omaha Conference was a big hit!  See below for pictures and all the exciting details.

John Ratzenberger introduced humor, common sense, and a few surprises at our afternoon luncheon.  Everyone was impressed and inspired by his presentation.

Jeff Hymas made the Constitution come alive in his presentation "Federalism: the Principle of Self-government."  Women were mesmerized with his infectious excitement of this spectacular document and came to see it in a very personal and applicable way in their own lives.

Ellen Wheeler gave an inspiring presentation on the powerful influence of women using the many shoes we wear to demonstrate the many things we do and lives we touch

Our Conference Speakers & Staff.

Back left to right: Mary Hawkins (president Bellevue University) Juleen Jackson (VP HFA) Kimberly Fletcher (President, HFA) John Ratzenberger ("Cliff" from "Cheers") Nicholeen Peck (author A House United) Ellen Wheeler (Emmy Award Winning Actor) Front L to R: Rod Hewlett (Economist, Grewcock Chair, Bellevue Vision & Values) Jeff Hymas (In the Constitution) Bill Norton (National Center for Constitutional Studies)

Bill Norton delivers a riveting presentation "Life, Liberty, & Property" before an attentive audience of women

Juleen Jackson awed the audience with her presentation on The Cottage Meeting Revolution--especially when her own 15 year-old daughter spoke for 2 minutes on her mothers influence, teaching and example through their Cottage Meetings have inspired her.

Ellen Wheeler led a powerful, enlightening panel discussion on Education in America, covering many aspects of the Common Core curriculum and how it is impacting families, schools, communities and our nation.  Panelists included (from left to right) John Sieler (VP Nebraska State Board of Education) Sue Buesing (Course Designer at Bellevue University and mother of 4 ages 3 to 13) Matt Litt (Nebraska State Director, Americans for Prosperity) Jeff Hymas (In the Constitution)

Economist, Rod Hewlett, captivates a room full of women eager to hear his presentation "What every American needs to know about the economy".

Mom's left a lot more confident and empowered following Nicholeen Peck's presentation "Rights, Roles, Property, & Parents."  She spoke to a full house.

Conference Photo Album--Highlights in Pictures!