Ladies Liberty Convention

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We have several seminars available which can be presented in a full day (6-7 hours) or a half-day (3-4 hours) setting.  Some can also be condensed to 1-2 hours for an evening seminar or as part of a luncheon.  Seminars available are:

Founders Secret Formula of Success presented by HomeMakers for America

Raising A New Generation of Patriots presented by HomeMakers for America

The Making of America (presented by instructors from the National Center for Constitutional Studies)

In the Constitution presented by Jeff Hymas

The Language of Liberty presented by Bill Norton

The Economics of Liberty presented by Rod Hewlett & HomeMakers for America

YES Discovery: Youth Entrepreneurial Seminar (for youth 14-18) Presented by Dwayne Farnsworth & the YES Team

Uncommon Core & the Heart of Education Presented by Ellen Wheeler & HomeMakers for America