Ladies Liberty Convention

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Guest Speakers

We have several indivduals we work with who can come and speak to your group or event on a variety of topics including American history &  heritage, economics, the Constitution, the powerful influence of women and many more.  When you choose someone from our speakers list, you will know you are getting a top quality, highly inspiring speaker with a liberty-based, principle approach you can count on.  Most of our speakers only require travel & lodging expenses and/or honorarium.

If you would like to request one of our speakers you can contact us via phone or email and we will help coordinate your request.  See below for our list of speakers.  Click on the speaker names to see their bios and samples of topics they cover.

Click on images below to see Speaker Bios.

The Ladies

Kimberly Fletcher

President & Founder,

HomeMakers for America, Inc.

Contributing writer with The Blaze

Juleen Jackson

Vice President,

HomeMakers for America

Tammy Hulse

Vice President,

HomeMakers for America

Nicholeen Peck

Parenting Mentor "Teaching Self-government & Author

"A House United"

Artist & President of Captured Miracles
Libraries ofHope
Author, Promises of the Constitution

Emmy Award-winning Actor, Mom, &
Education Activist

The Guys

Glenn Freeman

Chairman, National Council of Censors

Rod Hewlett

Economics Prof., Bellevue University

Grewcock Chair, Vistion & Values

Jeff Hymas

Founder, "In the Constitution"

Bill Norton

National Center Constitutional Studies

Peter Wolf

Co-founder, The Voices of America

Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani

Founder, CEO & Host of Raging Elephants Radio

John Sieler

Former VP, Nebraska Dept. of Education

Dwayne Farnsworth
Founder, YES! Discovery
Youth Entrepreneur Seminars